At COMM Envy we explore solutions to a variety of questions related to daily professional communication and interpersonal interactions. We can all improve on our interpersonal communication skills and I will often present ideas to help you develop your own personal communication style.

I am a results driven management professional, who is adept at discovering growth potential through data analysis with a solid focus on meaningful conversation. I value the skill of effective, productive communication and view it as an important tool in discovering mutually beneficial solutions in the midst of varied ideas and/or opposing goals.

The primary purpose of COMM Envy is to hear from you… as we explore the nuances of communication, together.

Why Envy? Effective communication is a useful tool and arguably one to be envied. In support of data analysis and ancillary information, I use interpersonal skills professionally to help identify issues and to present alternatives, ideas and solutions for thoughtful discussion and consideration. Engaging in meaningful conversation can result in restoring relational dialogue to its rightful place at center stage in the conference room or the dining room.

So… Let’s talk.